I think what I've always considered to be one of my greatest strengths is technically also my greatest weakness when I'm not in charge.

What good is being responsible and being aware of procedures when there's nothing you can do about them? You can offer all the advice and help in the world, but it has to be implemented by someone higher than yourself. If it's not implemented, what can you do? Well, not a lot.

As much as I'd like to be a responsible big with (with a responsible salary to match), it's important to remember your place and ultimately when you don't have a responsibility, you're also blameless.

Now to forget about it and work hard at the things I can take credit and reward for.

Hard Work

 Since when did talking to girls become such hard work?

Seriously, a year or two back, it was nice, relaxed and casual. Now it feels like an interrogation, except I'm meant to think up nice questions to ask in return.


Can life be easy just for once please?

Stand Up to the Plate

Today was a bit of a realisation at work when there was the chance of being interviews on BBC Radio.

It turned out to be a bogus concept by a PR company fishing for business, but all the same, no one wanted to do the interview. It made me realise how everyone's happy being settled in their routine without challenging themselves.

So as the resident Marketing Guy, it's up to me to stand up, grab the microphone and project my voice confidently and clearly to the masses.

I think today made me realise just how not motivated I am and how much more motivated I need to be in every aspect of my life -not just work.

What Do Normal People Do in the Evenings?

 A very good question!

We had our Secret Santa and pizza feast at work today, huddled in the new meeting room. This is because the powers that be were too busy to book a table or organised a more formal Christmas soiree, but it was excellent all the same. With plenty of beer, wine and pizza as well as interesting gifts on offer, there was more than enough entertainment.

One of my co-workers was saying how she's giving up World of Warcraft and going to the gym more instead.

All she seems to do is play WoW in the evenings, she said before asking "What do normal people do in the evening?"

Well, that got me wondering. What exactly do Normal People do in the evening? I blog about Warhammer 40K to earn affiliate money or spend my time building and painting Warhammer 40K miniatures, or seeing a couple of close friends who (coincidentally) talk about or play or paint Warhammer 40K. Cut Warhammer 40K out of the equation and I too am left wondering what normal people do in the evenings!

"Presumably they sit infront of the telly" I suggested.
She wrinkled her nose at that, insisting that they must do something better.

Perhaps they really don't? Who knows.

Either way, like my co-worker, I seem to be spending a lot of spare time in one hobby.  


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Adam's Adventures

*cue big cinematic music*

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away .... Livejournal!

Once upon a time everyone had an LJ account. In fact, it was Livejournal that introduced me to the concept of online communities long before MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and other innovations that media types like to all Web 2.0 (even if they already existed).

But that was a long time ago. So why have I returned? Because Facebook isn't the same and MySpace was just a mess? Not really.

More importantly, neither of these are places that you can write out your thoughts for yourself, and receive an audience of friends and welcome strangers. As a teen, Livejournal was a place to discuss, vent frustrations and collect my thoughts. I suppose that as an adult, not much will have changed.

The only difference is that this journal shall remain forever public. My works are public and I never openly insult anyone with complete disregard in them, so I don't see why my journal should be any different. Of course, if any insulting does take place, it's because I mean it!

Moving on...

Hello, my name is Adam, I'm a professional copywriter and internet marketeer with a love of art, literature, film and water sports. I may pretend to be thick and my writing may be simple, but it's got me through life so far. I write for a living and love it to bits as well as all the ever growing assortment of internet based tasks that make up my everyday workload.

While I'm not typing out articles, press releases and web content at the speed of light, I play wargames with my mates, run a couple of blogs for some extra pocket money and go running in order to stay fit and healthy before I hit 30.

Enough about me. Welcome to my Livejournal were I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in life, love and literature as much as I do writing them. -Adam

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