ruggedwriter (ruggedwriter) wrote,

Why You Should Never Believe What You read On The Internet

We've had a hilarious debate today on our lunchbreak at work today. The argument was about online resources and while many trusted what they read online, I was adamant that anyone can call themselves a specialist on virtually any authorative website and run virtually unchecked as a phoney spinal surgeon, marketing specialist or marathon runner.

So after losing an argument based purely on opinion, I produced a blog. It wasn't until I logged in and made some changes that my colleagues realised that this was a fake profile. It's amazing they didn't put two and two together when 'sports scientist' Adam shared the same name as me!

Moral of the story: Don't believe what you read online because not online does the internet give you anonymity, it also allows you to create profiles -both true and false.
Tags: blogging, internet
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