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May Day Google Algorithm Change 2010

On May Day Google made an Algorithm change which proved disastrous for a major portion of the world wide web.

What shall forever live in infamy as the May Day Google Algorithm Change or The Death Of Long Tail had an enormous impact on the long tail search results of websites.

Those random, bizarre terms which turned up 1 search a month, but sometimes resulted in conversion stood for a far bigger chunk of site traffic than anyone could have imagined. However, because these terms were so numerous, so unusual in their requests and so infrequent, no one ever thought to both recording them. After all, they could appear once and then never again.

However, they appeared in their thousands. So the bigger a site was, the more random long tail terms it would mop up. But on May 1st 2010, that was no more.

Then where did all the traffic go to?

Many are pointing towards Google's favouritism of the brand domans and high authority sites like Amazon. But if you think about it, that really is a lot of traffic! I guess no one really knows where all the traffic went, but it's had a big impact -especially in online retail.

Time to knuckle down and optimise my pages more than ever!
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