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A Fit Flop

There was reason to panic after all as our FitFlops ranking plummet unexpectedly. What had gone so terribly wrong in the run up to summer for some of our best summer selling terms?

However, it wasn't our SEO description, back link profile, optimisation, meta, content, page or domain in general.

One of the sites we pay vasts swathes of money to had for security has decided to restructure and pull all the links from our case study. That was nice of them!

Unfortunately, they seem to have cottoned on to case studies being an opportunity for etailers to boost their Google rankings -so they threw them out. Not just us, but everyone.

How considerate of them when it's the etailers who are paying them so much money in the first place!

Now to spend a small fortune building our pages back up. As someone who likes to build something up, then leave it to rot in cyberspace, this is really frustrating. My projects should be moving forward, not going back.
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