ruggedwriter (ruggedwriter) wrote,

Spam Bots Running Rampant

A couple of duplicate websites have appeared for a particular product we're selling at work.
They're all keyword domains so they ranks very easily and very quickly.
Obviously, we're working with the brand to get all of these sites shut down, so we'll see how that goes. Would be interesting to see just how quickly the product devalues if the brand is slow to act.

But what's more amazing is the sheer volume of spam keeping these sites afloat.
One has done a good job passing itself off as the official brand website for the product, getting it a fair number of natural links. Not a bad effort.

5 other identical sites (with slightly different urls) are all ranked purely on comment spam from blogs and forums. Some 1,500 unique links all generated by bots.

It's both impressive and horrifying!

Doing SEO properly has its many rewards, but I can't help being envious of those who use underhand tactics. However, when our retail site is our long term business, it's not like we can shrug our shoulders and not care if it crashes. But when it takes Google up to a year to act on spam fuelled sites, it doesn't inspire hope or encourage best practices.

Anyway, we're as high as we can be for the search term and once the illegal and counterfeight sites have been removed we'll be top.

In the meantime, it's on to other projects.
Tags: brand, legal, seo, spam
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