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Age = Value for Social and Google

It's quite incredible how things build up exponentially. In this instance I'm talking about my Space Wolves blog, which, as many of you will know is my outlet for wargaming geekery.

It's the first blog I managed to keep going past the 6 month mark and in July it will be celebrating its 1st Birthday. It's become so successful, there may even be cake!

It;s success has come from not only offering great content and being able to easily browse old content, but because it's updated regular and it kept going.

And that's the big difference between the big blogs and the little blogs. Age.
I can now see why Google rates age so well, because age is equally rated in the social networks.
The more you post, the more people follow you and your following grows exponentially.

So if you got 1 follower a week and there are 52 weeks in a year, then that's 52 followers -providing that your audience doesn't grow exponentially of course.

Once you get some advertising on there, it makes the world of difference! Because now you're out to make money from your followers. Imagine each of your followers generates £1 a week for you, that could become £52 a week after a year of blogging.

Anyway, this is fast approaching Year One of social media marketing and blogging in a low conversion niche for me. It will be interesting to see what a second year brings.

Considering that I always believed all this social media marketing was a load of hogwash, it's been quite an eye opener. Now I can see how the top bloggers make their money. It's not necessarily because they're any good (in fact, I'd say most of them can't write for toffee!), it's because they've been around for so many years and have naturally accrued lots of repeat traffic.
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